Aerial Advantage: the role of Drone Footage in Driving Real Estate Sales

Far from being contained within the four walls of a property, the decision to buy a home is informed by a wide variety of factors. Most modern buyers are keen to explore the lifestyle their potential new property can offer them. From local entertainment, to schools and industries, to the general ambience of a neighbourhood, aerial photography and videography is the ideal tool for agents wanting to impress buyers not only with a listing itself but with the environment that surrounds it.

In recent years, drones have become increasingly popular for marketers and it’s not hard to see why. Capable of covering wide areas and photographing unique angles, drone images act like immersive maps, helping prospective buyers to visualise a property’s location and the proximity of local amenities. Providing a birds-eye-view, drone footage can be an effective way of highlighting the significant outdoor features of a listing, drawing the prospective buyers attention to a large backyard, a pool, or solar panels.

In a 2016 article published by, Queensland real estate agent Mark McGill outlined the role of drone technology in boosting his sale prices, particularly on locationally-strong properties. “The last property we did with drone photography … sold for $35,000 above reserve after attracting 12 bidders to the auction,” Mr McGill said. He’s not alone. According to research conducted by MLS statistics, homes listed with aerial images sold 68% faster than homes that used standard images alone.

Ideal for showing off spectacular views and taking advantage of a listing’s location, drone photography saves and time and money, allowing real estate agents to cover large spaces quickly, and emphasise features that are often missed by other marketing tools. With aerial footage, agents have the opportunity to paint an expansive picture for their clients of what life in their potential new home could look like.

Slotting seamlessly into the social media world, drone photography and videography is readily accessible to the modern online buyer. Aerial footage shows what no other real estate marketing tool can. It shows listings from every angle and allows agents to embrace the future of advertising, pointing out important locations, even annotating images to include dimensions, square meterage and nearby facilities.

At Vivid Productions, we’re excited about the capacity of drone photography to elevate reputations and sales. We want to help give real estate agents a competitive edge, enabling them to explore aerial photography as a tool for showing off a property’s true scope.

Using top of the range technology and our well-practised skill set, we love broadening agents and buyers’ horizons. Contact us today! We look forward to helping you and your listing soar.