Pictures Prosper: Why You Need Professional Real Estate Photography

What’s in a picture? Images tell stories. They act as portals through which we enter and envision ourselves as participants of recorded times, events and places. When it comes to real estate, pictures are an invitation, a scene set to beckon potential renters or buyers in, to illustrate the excitements of life in a new space.

First impressions matter. The digital age is fast-paced, convenient and, just like most potential buyers, always on the go. According to Bricks + Agent, over 88% of prospective buyers begin their property search online. What’s more, listings usually have a maximum of eight seconds to pique the busy scroller’s interest, encouraging them to explore the property further. With such a narrow window of opportunity, good photography is a crucial shout into the void that says, “look at me! I’m here!”

In 2014, a study conducted by American company IMOTO Photo found that real estate listings that used professional photography sold 50% faster than average, at 39% closer to the starting list price. Supported by high-quality photos, the 350 Latter & Blum Inc. listings that were tracked in the study obtained significantly higher levels of web traffic, achieving greater, faster commercial success. Through the lens of a professional photographer, prospective buyers are provided with a tailored image that represents the property of interest’s full potential. The magic of a new home is curated and presented in a strategic way as buyers are shown something much more than bricks and mortar: they are shown a lifestyle.

Good photography speaks. Pictures are among the oldest forms of language; we use them to communicate ideas, to highlight themes, features and opportunities. Great real estate photography requires an intricate combination of passion, experience, planning and buyer awareness. As photographers, we make it a priority to consider the hopes and goals of prospective buyers and to use lighting, angles, editing software, and other photographic techniques to portray the future we know the buyer wants to see, the one we know the property we’re photographing can give them. Maintaining consistency, our professionalism enables us to emphasise all the best features of a house, giving listings the chance to perform at their very best.

At Vivid Productions, powerful images drive us. We know that fantastic real estate photography is an important bridging tool, and we’re excited every time we get to use our carefully practised skills to bring buyers and agents together.

Through our photography services, we help agents to sell homes. Contact us today! We can’t wait to help make your listing a success.