Video Victory: Real Estate Video Marketing and Your Listing’s Success

Many of our most-loved stories are communicated to us using the medium of film. Whether we’re settling back to enjoy an hour of our favourite Netflix show, or filling up the popcorn for an afternoon at the cinema, we imagine ourselves into worlds and environments when we are provided with the opportunity to see them in action.

Encouraging a level of engagement beyond what is possible with static photography, real estate video tours are quickly becoming an invaluable asset for agents interested in offering prospective buyers an experience, a journey through the property they’re interested in. This is especially useful in demonstrating exciting features of a property to interstate or international buyers. By taking advantage of video marketing, real estate agents can display their listings in dynamic ways, showing clients the functionalities of properties and promoting a sense of realism.

According to, property listings that include video receive a 403% increase in inquiries. Additionally, the National Association of Realtors found that a whopping 73% of homeowners are more likely to choose a realtor who is willing to provide video marketing, but just 9% of agents are cashing in on this demand. This means that real estate agents who do pursue video listings are at a significant advantage in attracting both sellers and buyers.

Real estate videos can be uploaded and shared across many mediums including Youtube, Google Video, Facebook, Instagram, and many real estate listing sites. Videos provide movable marketing that gives agents greater scope, transcending the boundaries of other marketing tools and reaching new audiences. Combining visual and auditory features, real estate videos set the tone for a property. They usher prospective buyers in, make them comfortable and whisper hopes for a home.

According to CISCO, 80% of global internet consumption will be video-based by 2019. By using videos to support property listings, real estate agents have the opportunity to evolve with the digitising property industry, providing prospective buyers with comprehensive and engaging marketing material.

At Vivid Productions, we know how important it is to help potential home buyers envision a future in the property they’re interested in. Combining visual techniques such as lighting, camera angles and video editing with mood-setting music and audio tools, we’re passionate about creating a welcoming atmosphere for buyers that helps them to get a real feel for what we hope will be their future home.

With as much or as little involvement from agents and owners as desired, it is our joy to create videos that make listings shine. Get in touch today and let us help you make your listing stand out!