Listing Layouts: Why Your Listing Should Include a Floor Plan

Real estate is all about the big picture—How big is the space, and how does it flow? Floor plans are among the most important tools at agents’ disposal, providing buyers with the essential information about structure and space that they need to confidently commit to sales.

A floor plan offers a birds-eye-view of a property in its entirety, clearly showing how rooms connect and relate to each other and outlining dimensions and measurements. Floor plans help potential buyers to understand properties at a structural level, giving them the freedom to decide how a space can work to suit their needs and lifestyles.

Floor plans are valued by the real estate industry, highlighted on many of Australia’s top listing sites. By providing a comprehensive overview of properties, floor plans take the confusion and time wasting out of real estate for buyers, helping them to deal effectively with facts and features. They work with photos, videos and virtual tours to paint a fuller picture, one that takes both structure and creativity into account.

Often, floor plans can be the difference between a winning listing and a failing one. In fact, a study by Rightmove, the United Kingdom’s largest property listing site, revealed that over a third of around 10,000 respondents were less likely to enquire about property listings that didn’t include floor plans. “Time is a commodity, and there are normally many other properties with a floor plan whom I would rather contact,” said one participant.

Post-inspection, floor plans continue to serve an important purpose, acting as a reminder of property features and layout, giving hopeful buyers the chance to sit down and think about how they might live or work in a property.

How does it work? The most important thing about floor plans is accuracy. We take laser-measurements of room dimensions or property size to produce scaled representations of the properties we work with. We keep things simple in black and white and can offer furniture drawings within our floor plan designs, giving potential buyers ideas about placement.

We at Vivid Productions have created hundreds of floor plans from scratch for both residential and commercial properties. We pride ourselves on our ability to make clean, clear floor plans that show off all the best features of our clients’ listings. Need a floor plan for one of your properties? Lock us in for layout!